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Special Issue: Ancient Ceramics - Analysis
                    and Components,

         Journal of Applied Clay Science

                   Volume 82, Pages 1-134 (September 2013)

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EMAC 2011 
11th European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics

September 29th - October 1st, 2011
Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria

organized by
VIAS - Interdisziplinäre Forschungsplattform für Archäologie
der Universität Wien and Natural History Museum Vienna

Conference theme

The main focus of EMAC is interdisciplinary studies and the archaeological interpretation of ancient Ceramics. The conference is directed to studies beyond the traditional archaeological analyses; it is concerned with technological characteristics and analytical research of vessels and of other archaeological ceramic artefacts.

Pottery is a basic artefact of human development; it is an important source for all archaeological studies and for studies on art and technology of material culture. The scientific progress of the last decades offers new approaches to analyse materials in various ways, and the application of such methods shows new fascinating insights in the composition and technology of the materials.

EMAC shall bring together established scholars and young researchers from a wide range of academic backgrounds, including not only archaeologists and art historians, but chemists, geologists, petrologists, material scientists, and colleagues from other related disciplines.


The main topics are intended for the conference in accordance with former EMAC practice.
Researchers are invited to submit abstracts (limit 1500 characters) contributing to the following subjects:

- Methodological development of pottery studies
- Ceramic technology
Geoscientific approaches for vessel analyses
- Provenance of raw materials
- Decoration technology
- Slips and glazes
- Original and Imitation
- Production, distribution, trade
- Pottery dating
- Measurability of vessel functions and vessel use (physical properties)
- Ceramics as building material
- Industrial/technical ceramics
- Ceramics and conservation

The time allotted for each presentation shall be 15 minutes, including discussion, introductory and closing arguments.
The organisers also welcome poster presentations, poster sessions will be organized.

Contributions from non-European countries, and presentations on non-European ceramics are very welcomed, also speakers from outside
Europe are invited to submit proposals.
All delegates will receive a copy of the volume that will be published with selected conference abstracts.


The offical language of the Symposium will be English.

Additional Information

The organisers will continue to expand this website in order to provide you with detailed information on possible travel arrangements, hotel reservations, registration, sightseeing, as well as other relevant subjects under the various subsections offered on this website.

Liability and Insurance

The organizers do not accept any responsibility for personal injuries, material losses, or damages occuring during or in association with this meeting. It will be the responsibility of the participants to obtain adequate medical, travel or personal insurance for their participation in this event.



VIAS - Interdisziplinäre Forschungsplattform für Archäologie der Universität Wien in Zusammenarbeit mit Dept. für Lithosphärenforschung | Franz Klein-Gasse 1, A-1190 Vienna
Museum of Natural History Vienna | Prehistoric Department | Burgring 7 | 1010 Vienna